How to remove theme for a page?

Once I set a color theme for a specified page, even when I change the theme for the whole wiki in the wiki’s preference, it will not change. So, sometimes I want to remove the theme specified for a page. How could I achieve this?

Hi panjie. Apparently this feature does not exists. I’ve created XWIKI-14664 and proposed 3 variants. Would be nice to have your opinion about them and maybe you have other ideas too.

Now, there is a ‘simple/incomplete’ and a ‘hard’ way to achieve what you want (until the issue get fixed).

  1. ‘simple/incomplete’ way - because you cannot unset it, you need to manually reselect it. You won’t benefit of inheritance, but at least it will look ok. Problematic if you have lots of WebPreferences you need to change.

  2. ‘hard’ way - you need to export the WebPreference, manually remove from the .xml file the


save the xml, repackage it and reimport it. Be careful not to save the WebPreference again :slight_smile: A lot of work but you make sure you have the inherited value.

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