How to rename Backlinks Panel heading?

i have Backlinks Panel but i want to rename it to ‘What links here’ ,how to do it?

You can go to the Panel, which is located at /xwiki/bin/view/Panels/Backlinks

If you edit that panel, you can find the heading in the Content textarea as


Here you have two options:

a) replace it with:

 #panelheader("What links here")

b) create a separate page, mark it as hidden and add an Object of Type XWiki.TranslationDocumentClass. Then edit the page in the wiki editor and add a single line:

docextra.backlinks=What links here

I guess b) is the somewhat cleaner option, as you do not have to edit a preinstalled panel, but I have not checked if the translation key is used elsewhere. (In the latter case the text will be changed there, too.) Also better make a note where you have created that page, or it will be hard to track down if you want to change it later.

Thank you very much its working.