How to specify or include a subtitle in cover (export PDF)

What would be a good way to include a subtitle on the cover page of a PDF export (I never use other formats, I don’t know if the same may apply to them)?

Actually, the default template places the page title only (plus some info about the author and the page): a candidate subtitle for my use case could be the title of the parent page - I ofter use a parent page as a collector of several both technical and non-technical pages, such as:

But maybe another page (custom?) attribute may fit? Any suggestion about where to start?


There are two problems here:

  1. How to display a subtitle on the PDF cover page? → the answer is: create a custom PDF template and change the cover page from there.
  2. Where to take the subtitle from? I don’t think there is a generic solution here. From the cover page field of the PDF template you can use Velocity code to access the current wiki page (that the export was triggered on) using $doc. The next step depends on your use case. You can take the subtitle from some metadata of the current wiki page (e.g. an xobject attached to the current page) or from the parent page as you suggested.

Hope this helps,