How to standard expand all subitems in Navigation menu, or more than 16 sub-items

Is it possible to get more than 16 items in sub-menu, when expanding submenu as in image?
(2 more)/(11 More)

isn’t that the limit parameter of ?

Spot on - but how to edit?

You edit the Navigation Panel page. Note that it’s a hidden page so you’ll need your user to see hidden pages (see

Sorry - i am new in xWIKI - how to edit/find “Navigation Panel Page” :slight_smile:

Have done “Hidden Pages” and “Advanced” on my profile. (Got “Macro” in navigation menu" and some more)

From the topic of my head its Panels.Navigation. See also

Found this - but does not change anything…

This is not the right page. Check Panels.Navigation.

how - i am realy new in this…

Hi u can get there by adding this to your url
wiki.local is my domain
xwiki is the name of my wiki

go to the entry navigation and klick on edit.
u will get an warn info. klick that u will edit it.

in the content area scroll all down.
there will be an entry which looks like this:
{{documentTree showTranslations=“false” showAttachments=“false” compact=“true” openTo=“document:$openToDoc”
exclusions="$exclusions" limit=“20”/}}

u can copy my code. with the “limit” u can set the limit as u want to