How to start a new blog post on another location instead if /Blog


I’m running XWiki 12.3 and a while ago I setup the Blog Application. This works fine for creating blog posts in the /Blog folder. My idea is this aggregates all blog posts made anywhere in the structure, so I setup on (like) a page /Klanten//Bezoekverslagen the “Blog Post Create” macro.

Now I want in this folder to create a blog post, like

Instead of the “selected” folder, the blog page will be created in /Blog

Is there a way I can setup the macro to create the post in the folder I want it to be in ?

So, even if I start a new post in the Blog App by clicking Create, then select the location I would like the post to go into I get an Allowed space for “Blog.BlogPostTemplateProvider” error tough I can select the preferred location.

If I create the post in /Blog then I can move it after creation to the /Klanten//Bezoekverslagen folder. The post then, as required still pops up on the /Blog App page so everyone with rights on /Klanten/ can follow the posts added.

What I intend to is that some customers may get access to their own /Klanten/ so that is the reason I cant the posts end up there in /Klanten//bezoekverslagen so they have access to their own reports.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Regards, Sebastiaan