How to use XWiki like Jira / Confluence for Project Organisation and Projectmanagement?

I’ve already searched within the FAQ, YouTube, google and within the documentation, but there’s not much helpfull to find

How to use XWiki like Jira / Confluence for Project Organisation?

I’d like to set up XWiki as a project tool and beside:

  • defining roles (productowner, developer, cutomer, …)
  • setting up projects, milestones, …
  • use XWiki as a ticket system

I wonder how to do so.
How to start and do I need any plugins?

Where’s some helpfull documentation or tutorial to do so?

Thanks for your help!


The closest tool we have is Task Manager Application, but it does not compete with JIRA as a ticket system.

We also have General Project Management Application with several additions (Project Application - Task manager Extension and Development Project Management Application).

I hope it helps,


I’ve created

Please improve it if you have more ideas.



Thanks, Guillaume!

@all: Anybody else some tipps for the rest of my questions?

Also note that we have some jira integration, see

@vmassol Thanks for the hint, but I believe that XWiki Users are more interessted in using an integrated solution. Is there anything in the pipeline or did you know any customization towards my requirements?

Thanks for your help!

There’s what Guillaume mentioned already. Isn’t that enough for your needs?

I’ve added 3 new links to Check it out!

Note that it’s also very easy in XWiki to create your own custom application with AWM:

First of all, thanks again!
Great support and community here!

Something you might be interested to improve:

xWiki does not deliver a JDBC Database Connector with it’s .war archive. You might really frustrate some users showing up an error 500. After manually implementing an JDBC Connector with a Tomcat xWiki creates all database entries on it’s own and is running smoothly…

This seems like a different topic… (try to use different topics for different subjects :)). We provide several installations and we do provide the JDBC connector:

  • For the standalone packaging we provide an embedded HSQLDB DB + connector
  • For the Debian/APT packaging we provide a MySQL install + connector
  • Same for the docker packagings with MySQL and PostgreSQL connectors
  • There’s only the pure WAR install (the manual install) where you choose your DB and connector. We can’t guess your DB and it’s the manual install :slight_smile: This is also documented, see

Would be great if you could tell us if the answers we provided are offering something that’s good enough for your needs.

Sure! That’s what I ment, your support and given help is great.
Right now I first of all have to take my own first steps directly into XWiki :wink:

And this new FAQ Entry was exactly missing right before and will deliver help to anybody else with the same demand.