How work Spaces and pages


I knew several years ago old version of XWiki like version 3 or 4 and recently I decided to test the version 8.4.5. I remember in old versions that we can create spaces and the first page was named WebHome. Now in version 8.x, I can always create spaces and the default first page is still named webhome.

Example of issue:

  1. I create a space named : myspace
  2. I create in the default page WebHome a link : mynewpage
  3. I click on this link and I select the default type of page to create this new page

Finally, when I go to the page that show the list of spaces, I found that my new page is in reallity a new space named: myspace.mynewpage with inside a new WebHome page !!!

I don’t understand why I get a new space while I just wanted to create a new page.

If someone could explain to me what’s going on, I would really appreciate because this behavior is completly different than the old version of XWiki. May be I did something wrong, or may be it is normal, and in this second case I would like to now how to do to create simple pages.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Elric. Sorry for the confusion. We actually did this to avoid confusing new users :slight_smile: See and

Hope it explains it.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your kick response. That means if I create 30 links in my webhome I will get 30 new spaces !!!

Is it possible to keep the parent-child feature? If I set the core.hierarchyMode property to parentchild in the configuration file, is it working fine?

Is it possible to disable the Nested Pages feature?

Another issue I found:

  • if I create a new link in the webhome page, I’ll get a new space with a new WebHome page. So far so good. But I don’t really know that as a simple user.
  • if I use the macro include in another page to include this new page, it does not work if I set up the field of the name of the page to include by spacename.pagename

We have always to think that the real path of the page is: spacename.pagename.WebHome

It is a litle bit tricky, isn’t it?

Sorry, another last question:

If I have a big wiki with hundred pages. If I would like to set up a link where this page is deeply in this wiki, I will have to set up the path like: space.page1.page2.page3.page4.page5.page6.page7.page8.page9.page10. […]page 123.WebHome

Is that true?

Yes and that should not frighten you. You shouldn’t care about that! :slight_smile:

See the doc I pointed to, there’s some info on this (in the migration guide).

no, from a user POV you’re creating a new page, not a space…

Yes that’s correct, it’s a known limitation, see Loading...

See also

Yes, I agree. One other way of handling this is to improve the WYSIWYG Macro editor to provide a tree picker for macros having a parameter that’s a reference.

I don’t understand. Nobody forces you to create nested pages… It’s up to you to decide of your organization. But if you want then yes you can do what you mentioned above and have as many levels as you want (very similar to a file system).