I can't run Xwiki from Task Scheduler on Windows10

Hi, I have added start_xwiki.bat file to Task Scheduler (Windows10) in order to start my wiki each time I start my computer, but I get error:

Starting Jetty on port 8080, please wait…
Error: Unable to access jarfile jetty/start.jar
Press any key to continue . . .

When I start this script manually it works fine. I have to admit, that I have my xwiki folder on separate partition from Windows.

I would like to automate xwiki start. Will be gratefull for help.


Check the account from which the task starts (Security option group in a task properties), as well as the access rights to the partition/folder.

ok, and what should I look for in this security options?

  1. Check the user account;
  2. Check the Run option

ok, so task is set the same way as on your screen. My account is member of “Administrators” and “Performance Log Users” group. Maybe I should check “Run with highest privileges” in the task window?