I Want Only newly created Pages in Navigation Panel

I facing the problem of the Navigation Panel.
i want to hide Home, Menu, xwiki, sandbox page link from Navigation Panel.means i want only newly created pages in Navigation Panel. sorry for my bad English.

Hi, see https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Panels%20Application#HNavigationPanel

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Thanks for help
but i want to hide some pages from navigation panel.
eg. i don’t want to see Xwiki page link in Navigation Panel.
any other way to hide this link page from Navigation Panel.can we remove this link page by problematically.

yes I understood this. Please check the doc I pointed to and you’ll see you can hide apps/content.

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I am not able to see the option Navigation Panel under Look & Feel.
can we hide manually (Programmatically by velocity code)
i am new in xwiki so sorry for my silly question.

If you read carefully the link I gave you, you’ll see it mentions XWiki 10.4 as being the minimum version you need to see the Admin UI for the Nav Panel. Are you on XWiki 10.4+?

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I am using 9.11.5 version. any other way to hide that page link.
thank you in advanced.

ok so you can’t filter out items in 9.11.x, you’ll need to update to 10.4+ (I recommend 10.6.1).

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i can’t upgrade now.
can you give me Velocity code so i can hide that Page link and show only newly created page link.
i am using following Velocity code.
#set ($openToDoc = $doc.documentReference.toString().replaceAll(’([~"])’, ‘~$1’))
{{documentTree showTranslations=“false” showAttachments=“false” compact=“true” openTo=“document:$openToDoc” /}}

i added above code in administer wiki =>Look & Feel => Panel => go to panel(link) => Navigation Panel (Edit link)

Thanks in advanced.