I want to add panels to the drawer

Because of the expand collaps behavior of the drawer, it would be very useful to fill it with panels that are often used. My main focus is to declutter the screen from the many panels in sight.

Can anyone please guide how to accomplish this?

It would be great if the panels can be dragged-dropped in the drawer, but if its easier to to this programmatically in some way by the administrator, thats fine too (for the time being).


Hi Yuri. I’m not sure what you call the Drawer. In XWiki parlance, it’s the hamburger menu at the top right location on the screen. It’s not meant to contain panels (it contains links).

The panels can be visually dragged/dropped using the Panel Wizard in the admin UI.

Regarding collapsing/expanding panels we don’t have this yet. There’s a jira issue to track it: [XWIKI-10498] Implement collapsing & expanding panels on Flamingo - XWiki.org JIRA