Icons problems with all Icon Sets

Each icon set is giving me different problems which I don´t know how to fix

Font Awesome SVG Sprite

Heart Icon is not found (for liking pages)

Font Awesome
the edit icon on the pages becomes HUGE

and also the check item after clicking the huge edit icon

Icons disappear on the left menu, huge icons on main page

Font Awesome
Same huge icons problem

Same huge icons problem

Same huge icons problem on main pages, besides, I won´t want color icons on the panels

Font Awesome SVG Raw
Fixes icons, but icons on side panels become black

Ok… apparently, the icon problem was happening at several computers and browsers EVERYTIME the icon set was changed.

It can be fixed with CONTROL+F5 (reload plus delete browser cache)

But if I fix it and then change the icon set again, the same icon problem returns until a new CONTROL+F5

While this can seen very simple at first glance, not every user will even know about “control+F5”. Even more power users types will take a time to realize that.