Image from local storage

Hi, we want to display images that can be updated by an external proces. Is it possible to add images on a wiki page that are stored on local file system of the XWiki server?
So, if they are updated, the new content is displayed when a user refreshes the page.

Hi, I guess you could use the file:/// prefix or the unc one. See

Thanx for the quick response. We tried using [[image:file://]] but that does not work. We only see the text in the UI (file://
(The Xwiki software is running on the

The browser generally does not allow using file:// references unless you are viewing a local HTML file.

You are right, I know that browsers not always accepting the file:// uri. That is why we want to know if it possible to refer to a file storage on the wiki server (or another construction) and let the wiki server handle the image

We are upgrading from another wiki software where it is possible to use a relative url and the images are stored on the wiki server itself. This by using [imageauto||RESOURCES/EMP01.gif]

Or is there an alternative way to update some images that are stored in the XWiki database?

XWiki stores attachments on the filesystem but in its own location and you shouldn’t mess with it.

I think we wrongly implemented the UNC protocol since I imagine that it’s supposed to be resolved on the server side and not the client side.

The only other option I can think of right now is to use the WebDAV extension:

Of course if you’re a dev, it’s also possible to extend XWiki but introducing some new “prefix” (such as unc, doc, etc) and have that translate into a URL that calls back XWiki to serve the file from the disk. It’s not hard to code but it requires some knowledge.