Image module organization

Hi everyone,

I am opening this vote as part of Image lightbox module organization post, since an agreement on the implementation was not reached.

To sum up the proposal, for the new lightbox functionality Loading... I will need to add 2 new modules inside the xwiki-platform-image, these being webjar and ui (needed for the configuration section and for integrating the template of the library).

There are 3 proposals for integrating these modules inside the already existing structure :

  1. create 2 generic modules for all image UI / Webjar related code
    * xwiki-platform-image
      * xwiki-platform-image-ui
      * xwiki-platform-image-webjar
      * xwiki-platform-image-api
      * xwiki-platform-image-plugin
  1. separate the lightbox related code inside a new module, while keeping the existing structure
    * xwiki-platform-image
      * xwiki-platform-image-api
      * xwiki-platform-image-plugin
      * xwiki-platform-image-lightbox
        * xwiki-platform-image-lightbox-ui
        * xwiki-platform-image-lightbox-webjar
  1. split the existing code and the lightbox in different modules
    * xwiki-platform-image
      * xwiki-platform-image-(processing / resize)
        * xwiki-platform-image-(processing / resize)-api
        * xwiki-platform-image-(processing / resize)-plugin
      * xwiki-platform-image-lightbox
        * xwiki-platform-image-lightbox-ui
        * xwiki-platform-image-lightbox-webjar

I’m opening the vote until 23 december at 12:00.

I am +1 for option 1, and 0 for options 2 and 3.

Please follow the initial post for the complete discussion.


From the previous proposal post:
Vincent: -0 (close to -1) for option 1, -1 for option 2, +1 for option 3
Marius: +1 for option 1, +0 for option 2 and -0 (close to -1) for option 3
Manuel: -1 for option 1, +1 for option 2 and +1 for option 3

Let me know if I missed something.

Still +1 for option 1 on my side.


+1 for option 3
+0 for option 1
-1 for option 2 (not logical, mixing technology with business domain)

BTW, I was digging through code today and stumbled upon this old comment from Vincent XWIKI-15108: Refresh the default Color Theme for XWiki 10.x by evalica · Pull Request #714 · xwiki/xwiki-platform · GitHub

There’s a bad practice in maven land to have too many modules. I’ve been there in a previous life and it’s not nice. There are already several places where we have used too many modules in xwiki land. We should only add new modules when there’s a need. I don’t see the case for this ATM.

I have the same feeling about the voted 3rd option, but I accept it.