Image Rendering and Preview

I am able to successfully add an image to a page. However, I am wondering if there is a way to add rendering such a shadow. Also? Is there an option to allow a user to see the actual image full size? In other words, click on the image and have it open up to a full view.

It appears that these two options are not native to the image tool. Are there add-ons that provide the above two options?

Thank you in advance for assistance.


Indeed we don’t have this feature natively. You have either to:

  • use CSS to style the image. For example [[image:...||style="border:1px solid silver; max-width:100%; width:600px"]].
  • use a wiki macro. For example you could install this XAR in your wiki to get the {{image}} macro. Note that it doesn’t support a shadow but it’s very easy to add. See also this tutorial.

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Hi Jack, hi all,

As for opening an image in full view, you may be interested in the Gallery and the Fancybox macros.

HTH / cheers