Images in Dashboard

Hi everybody,

we just started working with Dashboard Templates.
Every created Dashboard Page is organized into colums, where Gadgets can be placed.
(In our Example, we work with Gallery and Lightbox Extension, for displaying images.)

Is it somehow possible, to place a Gadget over multiple colums?

| Gadget 1 (small 4:3 pic) | Gadget 2 (small 4:3 pic) |
|              Gadget 3 (large 16:9 pic)              |

We know that this Structure is applicable in a simple Table.
But Tables are very unflexible, in case of using Picture displaying (Gallery was unavailabe in a Table cell)

Thanks for your advice!

It’s been a while since I posted my question and I’m wondering if I phrased my question wrong.

To clarify, my intent is not to get you to program something for me.

What I’m looking to create is a dashboard-like page that has draggable/resizable gadgets without the column constraint of the original dashboard-template.

I’ve been exploring and thinking about this for some time, and the options for me so far are:

  1. use the dashboard template (to get draggable gadgets in columns)
  2. use a selfmade table to get more flexibility in terms of placement of “gadgets” (like the example in the first post)

Both options only get me halfway where I want to be.

Is there maybe a concept of composing a page from macros/gadgets that I have missed?
Or would this kind of view be something that would involve coding/html+css (extending the dashboard to allow for a grid-based approach of placing and resizing gadgets)?

Thanks in advance!

This is controlled by the layout manager used (we call it as DashboardRenderer). Right now XWiki only provides one implementation named ColumnsDashboardRenderer which is the implementation you get when you use the columns layout (see when using the {{dashboard}} macro, as in:

{{dashboard layout="columns" .../}}

So if you want to use a different layout or extend this layout you’ll need to implement a new DashboardRenderer component, package it as an XWiki extension and install it in your wiki. It’s probably simpler than what it looks like if you’re a java developer. If you’re not a java dev then it’s going to be tough and you should contract someone to do it for you, as a sponsored feature for ex (see


Hope it helps

Wasn’t posted that long ago considering that it’s holiday time :slight_smile: For ex, I was on holiday for the past 3 weeks and just back today!

Thanks @vmassol for your thorough response, this definitely helps!

Totally forgot about holiday time, but I hope you had a pleasant time :slight_smile:

I had a great time thanks!