Images in text have very high / bad compression artifacts


when uploading large pictures (taken from a Smartphone as exapmple) and uploading them and changing the size down so it fits good in the text, these pictures look very bad and have very high compression artifacts.
XWiki seem to create a seperate scaled down Image that gets rendered in text and only load the full sized picture if you hover over the picture and select to see it in full screen after which it is displayed like it was uploaded in full quality.

I understand that it is very smart and improves page loading times a lot, to automatically create smaller images for displaying / rendering in text and only sending the larger images when they are requested by the client. But these smaller versions of images have a very bad image quality with A LOT of image compression.

Is there a setting to change how strong these smaller image versions are compressed to improve the quality of these? Our XWiki Server has more than enough CPU, RAM and Bandwith capability and we only connect to it in high Bandwith LAN conditions, so neither bandwith or calculating power are a concern for us at all.

Thank you

Damn, just after writing it I finally found the right words for a google query…

apparently the solution is a setting in the xwiki.cfg and is called

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