ImplicitGroup - Missing NotificationPreferenceClass

Hi folks,

I need help!

I enabled the option allgroupimplicit=1 in xwiki.cfg for the XWiki.XWikiAllGroup some days ago and deleted all the xobjects as said in the docs.

Then two days ago I turned on the notification settings with mails in Global Administration -> Other -> Notifications for “Pages”.

(I turned it on because my profile does save my notification settings correctly, as i can see in the objects, but on the profile page it is not displayed correctly since the allgroupimplicit is set to 1 - but that is another thing.)

I turned the global setting for sending mails for page edits and so on to “off” again.

Since then everybody gets Notification-Mails and I can’t turn it off globally.

The button is saying “off”, but they still get the mails - perhaps because the NotificationPreferenceClass Objects are missing in nearly all profiles since setting allgroupimplicit to “1”?

My profile objects:


Many other profile objects:


I am literally lost here. I thought it would be an good idea to use allgroupimplicit because in the test we are already about 1100 people/users.

Any help would be really great!


UPDATE: I reenabled the new event-store and suddenly the profiles which get synced with LDAP during the logon have got the expexted objects.

That is a litte bit weird. If I can understand the correlation I’ll write that down and add a jira.

My big problem now: There are a lot of profiles left without the needed objects - and all those people still get mails - even if the switch on their profile-site is turned to “off”. They have to turn it on first and then set it to off. Then the objects are created.

For you xwiki guys: I hope I got all the things and the correlations right. For me - no tech guy - it is a litte bit tricky to understand what is happening here.

Hi @jwielsch,

To be honest it’s even tricky for us :slight_smile: Notification system is a big machine so it’s difficult to grasp all the subtilities, and since we’re actively working on it lately you’re sadely encountering some possible bad behaviours introduced by our changes.

I don’t think that assumption is right: you should have the same on the user profiles before setting allgroupimplicit to 1. I’m not even sure your problems are related to allgroupimplicit, could be a bad timing correlation. Anyway, globally the way notification settings work is the following:

  1. When you switch on a Notification in the global administration, you record objects in the page XWiki/Notifications/Code/NotificationAdministration
  2. By default the users don’t have any NotificationPreferenceClass xobjects in their profile, so when they consult their settings, by default the global settings are retrieved. Now at the very first moment they are changing a settings (switching On a notification for example) they are creating all the NotificationPreferenceClass xobject corresponding to their current setting: basically they’re not sync with the global settings anymore

So the first thing to check if you have a global problem impacting users without the NotificationPreferenceClass is XWiki/Notifications/Code/NotificationAdministration.

I don’t understand the correlation, but I don’t know about the LDAP sync mechanism in XWiki, that sounds like a bug to me: the NotificationPreferences shouldn’t be modified there. Are you sure the profiles who get the xobjects haven’t use the “clear all” button? We spotted a bug in 12.6.1 with filters and this button, could be related to that.

Sorry for all the bothering with Notification, we’ll try to release a 12.6.2 ASAP.

Hi @surli

thank you very much for answer.

You don’t have to be sorry! I would be glad to contribute more, but i cannot code.

Perhaps I can find out. But I don’t really think so, as many of the users are ignoring the bell til now.

I’ll check that and see if i can find anything. Thank you!

The settings in XWiki/Notifications/Code/NotificationAdministration are correct and are corresponding to the switches on Global Administration -> Other -> Notifications for “Pages”.


Is it possible to force that for all users? That could be a solution.

Ok and you’re saying that users without any NotificationPreferencesClass keep receiving Notification emails? If it’s the case that’s definitely a bug we need to handle.

Well the only way to force that is by deleting the NotificationPreferenceClass xobjects in all users. It’s doable with some code for sure, but it means you’ll remove all specific filters for any of your users.

Yes it seems so.

Ok can you open a JIRA for this? I will try to replicate locally. And could you tell me what’s your global settings for the Notification email sending (hourly/daily/etc)?


I’ll do!

another question:

Should the XWiki.Notifications.Code.ToggleableFilterPreferenceClass (6) Objects be in XWiki/Notifications/Code/NotificationAdministration, too? Or where are they stored?