Import Bulk Users from CSV into XWiki

Hi Users,

I need to import around 700 users into xwiki from csv. While googling i found the below link,

Import Users

But unfortunately, code is missing :frowning:

Looks like a mistake has been made in the skin and the attachments are not visible anymore on In the meantime you can access it trough

Actually I just remembered how to fix it :slight_smile:

I’ve also added a link to the page FTM:

@tmortagne: Seems the sheet has been modified and we cannot put custom installation instructions anymore (I wanted to put the link there).

According to the sheet history you removed half of its content (see was a long time ago). I guess you tough that it was not needed for snippets.

haha and I thought you did it! :wink: Indeed, I most likely thought that snippets wouldn’t have downloads… So either we put that back or we put the content of the download in the page (might be better).

Thank you @tmortagne @vmassol :slight_smile:

I went to the snippet page. I’m still unable to understand what exactly to do to import users from CSV.
I pasted the python code in {{code language=python"}} {{/code}}.
What abt the xml code available in tgz file?

Pls bring the clarity abt what to do exactly…

The issue for me is that, I am migrating from old server to new one. In my old server, XWiki has some issues. In new one I have fresh XWiki installation. I imported the xar files from old to new. But I don’t know how to import users from old to new. So I imported XWiki page with all pages under it.
This imports all users but also the issues of XWiki from old.

I tried importing users from CSV but I couldn’t understand it.

I just stumbled upon this discussion and i’m wondering if the BatchImport extension could not be a better fit for doing a bulk import of XWiki users than an ad’hoc script. What do you think?

I got the solution yesterday itself. I used the Query Module and I think it is the best way to that.

, BaseObject as obj where doc.fullName = and obj.className = ‘XWiki.XWikiUsers’ did the magic.