Import Confluence Permissions to XWiki

Hi Users,

As my knowledge after reading this link on permission is, both confluence & xwiki are the same.

I have cross checked it. Both are same.

Since we do migration of pages from confluence to xwiki using Confluence XML extension.

Is that possible of migrating the permission of space & individual pages from confluence?

if you can find rights information in the package and the concepts are not too different then sure it’s most probably possible.

The is no dedicated right API in the Filter framework but all it takes is to generate XWiki style right objects. In short the model in the following:

  • XWiki.XWikiRights object apply to the document itself
  • XWiki.XWikiGlobalRights located on <space>.WebPreferences document apply to the whole space
  • XWiki.XWikiGlobalRights located in XWiki.XWikiPreference document apply to the whole wiki


Is there is any idea of rolling it out in near future with Confluence XML?

Nothing planned.


I have started to work on it by myself,

Yes i have retrieved the information.

This is where i get stuck :frowning: Can you please explain how to be done. I mean any useful samples/tutorials/links will be much much appreciated. I don’t find useful while searching it.

There is no module right now which is doing specifically what you are doing (send rights related events) but here are two input filters generating object related events in general:

But before that you will need to have a good understanding of the XWiki object model. If that’s not already the case the following resource might help you understand what you should produce in the filter: