Import data by Filter Streams Converter

Hi to all!

Is it possible to import data (Confluence zip) locally from webclient e. g. without copying to XWiki Server?


I’m not 100% sure I understand your question but the Confluence input filter support both a local file path or a URL (in which case it download the package behind this URL before parsing it) in the source property. Is that what you were asking ?

Yes, question about specifying source property.
My config: cloud XWiki (Ubuntu//Tomcat) server and local (Win10/Chrome) web client.
I want import Confluence zip from my local folder without copying to the server.
When i try set source as file: (like a file:///D:/Exchange/ , I get an error (No such file or directory) and it’s correct, because this path is a local, not a server as expected. So, how to correctly set source property (like a url:http://xxxxxx without deploying local http server) so that it points to the local file?


This is not really related to XWiki. You need to make your confluence zip visible at a URL (file:// or http(s)://).

Suggestion: You could upload it to a XWiki page and provide the URL to the download action… :wink:

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Ok, thanks for idea! :wink: )

OK so your real use case seems to be sending the file in the request starting the the import.

This is not handled by the filter itself but it’s possible (even if not really exposed in the UI yet) trough the Filter Streams Converter Application service: when a input source property is empty the application automatically fill it with the HTTP input stream (the content sent with the HTTP request).

But you would need to do that programmatically or with something like curl so yes probably easier to just do what @vmassol suggested.