Import DokuWiki via FilterStreams Converter error

Hi there,

as I am new to XWIKI and the community, I apologize if I do not reproduce all the required information correctly right away!

Currently we are trying to migrate from DokuWiki to XWIKI.
For this we created a .tgz from the DokuWiki folder and wanted to import it via the filter streams converter.
Unfortunately we get the following error:

fromIndex(0) > toIndex(-1)
class java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: fromIndex(0) > toIndex(-1)
at java.base/java.util.AbstractList.subListRangeCheck(
at java.base/java.util.ArrayList.subList(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.syntax.internal.parser.DokuWikiIterativeParser.processLink(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.syntax.internal.parser.DokuWikiIterativeParser.parseRecursive(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.syntax.internal.parser.DokuWikiIterativeParser.parse(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.syntax.internal.parser.DokuWikiStreamParser.parse(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.text.internal.input.DokuWikiInputFilterStream.parseContent(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.text.internal.input.DokuWikiInputFilterStream.readPageRevision(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.text.internal.input.DokuWikiInputFilterStream.readDocument(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.text.internal.input.DokuWikiInputFilterStream.readDocument(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.text.internal.input.DokuWikiInputFilterStream.readDocument(
at org.xwiki.contrib.dokuwiki.text.internal.input.DokuWikiInputFilterStream.readDataStream(
at org.xwiki.filter.internal.job.FilterStreamConverterJob.runInternal(
at org.xwiki.job.AbstractJob.runInContext(
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
at java.base/

I would appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance!

Hi, that looks like a bug in the dokuwiki converter, you should raise an issue for it at Loading...

Note that this extension is a contrib extension and not supported by the xwiki dev team, as mentioned on the extension page at and (see the “developed by” info).

Note to self: we could add a new info named “supported by” to make it even more clear who’s supporting an extension or instead renamed “developed by” to “developed/supported by”.


thanks for immediate reply!
I’ll raise an issue in Jira regarding this.

Also thanks for the information on support - as I’m new I’m learning all the day ;o)

When you create the jira please provide some minimal data to reproduce the problem. Without this, it might be harder to fix. Thx

Are you thinking of the archive to import?
Not sure, as this is some confidential data…

I raised

Something is missing from your point of view?

yes but not your sensitive data (it would be too much anyway) but to find which page is the issue and then inside that page to find out what part if the issue and to retry an import with just that info and then to anonymize it and put it in the jira issue.


If you cannot, then whoever fixes the issue will use the stacktrace to help out and try to guess what the problem is (will take longer and it won’t be sure it’s fixed).

Note: As a general rule if you wish an issue to be fixed quickly, you always need to provide a way to reproduce the problem. That helps a lot.

not sure how to do that.
First I started trying to compress and import only the /data folder from Dokuwiki, this failed with an error. Therefore I compressed the whole folder of Dokuwiki which started but thrown the mentioned error.

So I’m not sure how to export/compress specific pages and try to import them.