Import fail during migration from online demo to personal server

I’ve started experimenting on the 1-week demo provided on (XWiki 9.7) and now I would like to migrate what I’ve already done on the Xwiki that we have installed on our company’s server (XWiki Enterprise Jetty HSQLDB 8.4.4). The import works between different instances of Xwiki demos but not when I try on our server. Are those versions compatibles? Is there a way to do this without recreating the architecture? (there is only text content and some html bloc)


Note that is a service from the XWiki SAS company and it’s not related to

The problem is probably that you’re importing content created on a new version of XWiki into an older version of XWiki and the format is not compatible. I remember a recent issue about this. What error do you get?

That was my guess.
The IT responsable told me that the 8.4 was the latest stable version coming with wget on centos7.

the error was: An error occured during the import (translated from french).

The current LTS is 9.11.2 (and 9.11.3 is going to be released in a few hours so better wait for it probably).

wget is just a way to download a file and does not have much to do with the OS on which it’s running, maybe your IT responsable following an old centos tutorial to install XWiki.

So there is an easy way to install an up-to-date Wiki Enterprise Jetty HSQLDB on CentOS 7 (with all dependencies)?
because it’s common that the linux server distros (like CentOS) take some time before accepting newer versions.

There is no official XWiki version on CentOS repositories AFAIK. To install XWiki manually you can follow

Alternatively you have official versions for Debian based systems and also Docker for the easy to install ones.

If what was followed is to install XWiki is, it’s a very bad idea for production since this install a demo package which is really not meant for much more (and yes this exact package name last version is 8.4.4 because after that “XWiki Enterprise” was renamed to “XWiki” and this jar installed ditched since it was not working well and it’s pretty much useless since your have a demo package that you can just unzip and run).

thanks for the informations. I can talk to them with your arguments and see if it would be possible to run it on a Debian but they had probably a reason to do like this.