Import markdown pages from GitLab wiki to Xwiki

Hello, i want to import markdown pages from gitlab wiki repository (such as Home · Wiki · Examples / Wiki · GitLab) i want to push and pull markdown pages between XWiki and GitLab wiki for their synchronization.

But i don’t know how.
I try to use GitLab Application ( but i can’t pull (push) anything from(to) git repo

Is any way to synchronized Xwiki and GitLab wiki?


The GitLab Application ( 's goal is different: it’s to store xwiki wiki pages in a gitlab repo.

What you want is to sync gitlab wiki pages from a gitlab repo with an xwiki page.

This is what was done during the past GSOC with GitHub Pages: GitHub Importer Application (

AFAIK there isn’t an extension to do the same for GitLab, it would need to be developed.


Note that XWiki supports markdown so you can manually copy/paste gitlab wiki page content inside xwiki pages.