Importing time tags and task macros from Confluence

Hi there,

We are using the manual method for migrating content from Confluence (combination of the Confluence XML module, Filter Streams Converter, Nested Pages Migrator) and have noticed issues with the time tag and the task list macros not importing.

Looking at the Jira tickets, it seems like both of these issues (Confluence-87, Confluence-88)were resolved with the 9.20.0 version Confluence XML. We currently have the 9.20.1 version installed as a dependency and are curious why we are still encountering these issues.


One very common cause of “those issues suggest it’s fixed, but I reproduce it” is difference of XML format between two different Confluence versions. Of course, sometimes we also do mistakes (even if we usually try to write tests to avoid regression as much as possible.)

If you could share some small package with which you can reproduce the problem, it would be great to create an BUG issue on Loading... with all the details you can think of to reproduce (version of XWiki, package attached to the issue, properties used during import, etc.). I’m sure @trrenty would be happy to have a look at your package to compare with what he implemented.

Hi Thomas,

Thank you very much for the additional context and I apologize for the delayed response.

Here is a sample XML package that we exported into XWiki, which resulted in error messages of “unknown-macro: time” and “unknown-macro: task-list” respectively.

< ?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”? >
< hibernate-generic datetime="‘2023-09-19 15:34:47.904’" >

< ac:task>
< ac:task-id>4</ac:task-id>
< ac:task-status>complete</ac:task-status>
< ac:task-body>Done: Task 1 for < ac:link><ri:user ri:userkey=“0e163fbe424e9d0a01424e9e7d71016b” /></ac:link> </ac:task-body>

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 3.51.20 PM

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 3.53.23 PM

The source code for the resulting XWiki page shows:

== Date ==

{{time datetime=“2023-04-18”/}}@ 10:00 - 11.30 AM

== Action items ==

{{task id=“4” status=“complete”}}
(% style=“color: rgb(255,0,0);” %)Done(%%): Task 1 for {{mention reference=“XWiki.user1” style=“FULL_NAME” anchor=“XWiki-user-1”/}} has sent. {{time datetime=“2023-04-21”/}}

In terms of versions:
We are using XWiki 15.4, Confluence XML 9.20.1 and our Confluence version (Server license) is 8.2.3.
We do not have the Pro Macros installed on our demo site yet, but are aiming to add these in the future (not sure if that is contributing to our error messages?)

Thanks again. Please let me know if there is any additional information I can provide.

Hello, @jgilmore . The result you get is an expected behavior. When migrating from Confluence, your instance can have various macros that do not have an implementation in xwiki, resulting in the error message you see.

Prior to the fixes you mentioned

the confluence task and date tags were simply imported as plain text, which was undesirable. Those two fixes allows us and other interested users to make an implementation for the macros. For example, in our case, we developed the Task Application that will use this resulted source code

and get this output


Depending on your necessities, you could either use our task application or create an implementation for
the {{task-list}}, {{task}} and {{time}} macros.

Thanks Teodor, this is very helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: the Task Manager application, what if the time is not attached to a task? We would like to provide our users with the option to add a date/time to meeting minutes (the way this can be added in Confluence via a lozenge macro). To clarify, would we need to create an implementation for {{time}} in order to do this?

Thanks again!

With the Task Manager application, you can assign a deadline to a task by inserting a “date” macro inside the content, similar to Confluence.

So there is no need for any additional implementation.

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