Improved "Can skip the recycle bin" field display

Since 12.8RC1, we introduced the section Delete in the Display category of the administration.

In this section, a single “Can skip the recycle bin” setting is proposed to the administrator.
This setting is only useful when the recycle bin is activated (otherwise, their is nothing to skip :slight_smile: )

To improve the user experience for the administrator, I propose to hide this setting when the recycle bin is not activated.

Choice 1: hiding the field
When the recycle bin is not activated, the field is simply not display.
Since this is currently the only field of the section, that implies to hide the section too.


  • Lighter interface


  • Administrator cannot discover this setting without first activating the recycle bin

Choice 2: disabling the field
The field is still displayed, but the select field is disabled, and an additional text in bold is displayed, explaining why the setting is disabled.


  • shorter hint
  • More explicit


  • The setting is displayed but the administrator cannot act on it

Feel free to propose alternative design.


Good question.

Now I’m not sure why they’d really need to discover it if the recycle bin is off.

I prefer choice 1 because it’s consistent with what we’ve been doing so far in lots of places: don’t display things you’re not supposed to see. For ex when the user is simple we don’t display extra options greyed out so that the user can discover them.

I’d say our goal is actually the opposite of choice 2 since we’d like to have the simplest possible UI. XWiki is a complex platform with lots of options. We need to make it manageable/usable by users/admins.

So big +1 for choice 1 from me.