Improvement Weblate


I decided to translate into Russian on Weblate and realized that the quality and accuracy of the translation depends on the context. The context that is provided to help the translator (such as: extension.log.job.install.begin) is not very informative.
Plus, there are text that should have a short size (on buttons, in the headings of table fields, etc.), the translator should be aware of such cases and minimize the length of the translated line.

Maybe there is an opportunity to refine the system:

  1. give a link to a copy of the UI screen (or a dialog box, error message box and etc.) on which the translated text is used,
  2. or even a link to the working XWiki (form, window, etc. in modal window in Browser).
    In short: clicked on the link and saw UI with the used text (in English).

Thanks you!

Hi @safronovyua

thanks for your feedback! We want indeed to put more context to help translating XWiki.
This is even the subject of one Google Summer of Code Project that we propose this year, you can check it out there if you’re interested:

Thank you for understanding the problem and the link! I will definitely look!

I’m not a web programmer and the next phrase
for me it is not clear:

XWiki 4.4 introduce new translation macro which will allow to find easily translated content in a page when using annotated HTML5 renderer (you can see the result by adding ?outputSyntax=annotatedhtml in the URL).

The idea is clear, but confused by the mention of the version of XWiki 4.4, does it work now? What example can I check on a local wiki (or your global wiki?)?

4.4 is the version when the translation macro was introduced. The translation macro is what is used to insert a translation in a content. Now what needs to be done is a UI which identify what content in your browser come from a translation macro and allow you to modify the translation source.