In-place editing not loading

hi folks,

today i updated to 12.5.1 and the in-place editor is not loading anymore. Xwiki loads CKEditor and there a no problematic browser-logs - and no logs in catalina.out.

I double-checked, that in-place-editing is turned on in

Oh, there is something in the browser log. is this linked to inline-editing? The Version in the URL is wrong. Should be 12.5.1.


In-Place Editing is working in the subwiki…

Now im lost :slight_smile:

Can you help me?


Just in case: make sure you force clean your browser cache.

Embarrassing. I’m sorry.

No, it happened to me a lot in the past too and it can be considered a bug/limitation since we should be able to handle this automatically without forcing the user to do a refresh (c @mflorea).


I reported XWIKI-17531 on platform and closed CKEDITOR-361 on the CKEditor side.

Thank you, both!