Include lightbox enabling by default in 14.8Final

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This post is connected to a previous proposal Enable the lightbox view for images by default
Following that discussion, the lightbox enabling by default should have been included in the 14.8RC1, but I did not managed to fix the connected issue ([XWIKI-19480] Lightbox gallery displays many times the profile picture and additional ones - JIRA) in time to include also the improvement in the release.

But, since it was discussed that improvements could be included on 14.8 on a case by case basis, given the short period before the RC, I would like to propose to include this in the 14.8Final release



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ok for me if there are no more images in XS that are included in the lightbox and that shouldn’t be there.




There is the recently opened [XWIKI-20126] Image lightbox is displayed for silk icons - JIRA , I’m not sure if this is a blocker for enabling lightbox by default

AFAIK the Silk icon set is deprecated and we use Font Awesome. However, maybe there are still places in XS where we still use Silk? Would be interesting to find out. In any case, if this exists, we’ll need to move to FA anyway. So I think it’s ok for this one.

After a quick search I did found places were silk icons seem to be used, but the majority is not actually xwiki content, so there is no problem for them.
I will check and create issues for the ones that are actually impacted by the lightbox feature, to have them fixed in a future releases.


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