Indent without list

I would like to create indents without numbers or bullet points. (NOT just putting spaces in front of the first line, real whole paragraph indents)
I’ve looked in the forum but other topics on this subject have not been resolved, is this just a feature that xwiki cannot handle? Why not if it is fine doing it with lists?
Edit: I have found a dev thread that seems to be discussing this, and understand a bit more why it isn’t a thing right now, but still would love to hear if someone has a workaround until they figure out how to implement it properly.

Hi, you can use leading spaces, they are honored when using the XWiki Syntax.

Intending the first line of paragraphs I would do this way:

#mainContentArea p {
    text-indent: 3ch;

But imho it doesn’t look nice if the paragraph is only a oneliner.

Working with leading white spaces can break accessibility. Some screen readers may don’t like this.