Install Xwiki on MAC OS X MOJAVE

Hello to the community,

my name is Holger and I’m quite new to XWIKI. I wonder, does anybody found/have a How-to Install XWIKI on a MAC? I tried to install step by step (Java 1.8, Tomcat8, MySQL5.7, XWiki10.11.3) but ran into issues (The Admin Page does not show any Icons (Images)
I then tried to dig a bit deeper in the Docker images. It seems, that installing XWIKI on a MAC is not very common (I really wonder about that, as Wiki is the official replacement of MAC OS Server WIKI)

I’m looking for a complete how-to get a stable version up and running.

Any help/hint would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot and take care


Hi, is that a production instance or just for testing?

And? That’s a breeze, takes about 1 minute to install after you have docker installed :wink:

Hey vmassol,

thanks a lot for your reply, really much appreciate it. It will become a production machine. I do have a MAC Mini, that I’d love to get up and running.

As said, unfortunately the manual way was not successful, even though I did have taken into account to use only compatible Versions of Open JDK, Tomcat and MySQL.

I did checked my syntax in the Docker solution and found an issue I’ve made with the “-v path”

Heres what I did:

  • Install Docker Desktop for MAC (No big deal, was just a Package)
    In the Terminal:
  • docker pull xwiki (pulling a lot)
  • docker network create -d bridge xwiki-nw
  • docker run --net=xwiki-nw --name mysql-xwiki -v /Library/DockerImages/mysql:/var/lib/mysql -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=XXXXX -e MYSQL_USER=xwiki -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=XXXXX -e MYSQL_DATABASE=xwiki -d mysql:5.7 --character-set-server=utf8 --collation-server=utf8_bin --explicit-defaults-for-timestamp=1
  • docker run --net=xwiki-nw --name xwiki -p 8080:8080 -v /Library/DockerImages/xwiki:/usr/local/xwiki -e DB_USER=xwiki -e DB_PASSWORD=XXXXX -e DB_DATABASE=xwiki -e DB_HOST=mysql-xwiki xwiki:lts-mysql-tomcat

Now I do see the Distribution Wizard :slight_smile:

But to be honest, I would prefer to have the xwiki in a real installation…

Any idea how to get it done?

thanks a lot

take care


For me docker is a real as anything else but if you don’t want to use docker you can use the manual way:

Hey vmassol,
thanks a lot for you expertise. I thought, Docker would be something for Demo Machines. Good, that you disabused me.
May I ask you two questions about that?

  • what is the best Backup/Restore mechanism for reliable backups? Is it the same described in the Xwiki Administrator guide, or is there a special strategy for backup docker?
  • is it possible to autostart the Docker Xwiki when the machine boots.

thanks a lot for your support. As said really much appreciate it.


Nothing special to docker. If you check the 2 docker run commands that you’ve used, they map 2 local directories: one for the DB and one for XWiki. You just need to backup these 2 directories and you’re good.

Actually there’s one thing special vs the doc: the XWiki docker container copies the XWiki config files at startup into the mapped local directory for XWiki. The other packagings don’t do this. So this makes it even simpler to backup the XWiki docker install.

Yes, see Start containers automatically | Docker Docs

Hi Vincent, your information helped me a lot and I want to say thank you very much!

especially your statement on Backup is highly interesting for me, as I want to make sure to have a valid Backup procedure that will help me in case of a disaster to safely recover my Xwiki System.
If I’m allowed to ask one further question:
Is there a need to stop all containers before (in example) backup the Disk with Apple timemachine or whatever filesystem Backup mechanism. I’m thinking about the MySQL Database. It might happen, that the System is in an unusable state when the DB is not stopped, isn’t it?

Maybe a question to the audience as well, which are the most common Backup/restore scenarios when using Docker and how are they managed/executed/validated.
Any detailed process would be highly appreciated

thanks a lot