Installing XWiki on Docker Desktop

Hi all. May I know there is any proper documentation (step by step) on how I can install the XWiki and run it in Docker Desktop (for Production)? I have tried to run the “xwiki 14.4.3 postgres-tomcat” image on Docker, and it keeps loading at 50% in initialization page. The instruction in this page: How to install XWiki using Docker - XWiki is not workable for me too. My OS is Windows 11. Please help, thank you.

PS: Don’t ask why I don’t use other installation methods for XWiki. It is required by my organization as part of the containerized strategy.

Have you had a look at this: ?

So there’s no error in console/terminal of XWiki? Does the Docker work and configure properly on your machine, have you tried docker run hello-world before the XWiki run?