Interactive Maps Application v1.0 Released

Hi everyone,

I am very glad to announce the first release of Interactive Maps Application as part of my GSoC project.

Link to the extension:
Detailed documentation is available on the extension page.

Following are some of the features the application offers:

  • Easy creation of a map using map template
  • Easily adding points to the map
  • Map query for simple to advanced inclusion of map items into the map
  • Customizable map controls like attribution control, current location control etc.
  • Fullscreen view
  • Custom icons for points/markers
  • Search and filter options
  • Map data importer for importing map data from
  • And a lot more to come

The application is under development so your reviews are highly welcomed.
If you find bugs or have any feature requests, add them as issues on Loading....

Hope you like the application. :slight_smile:

Fawad Ali