Interface problems

Hi everyone

Deployed the library image to docker - xwiki:stable [16.2.0]-postgres-tomcat.

When changing the interface, problems arose with displaying the Notification icon. However, everything is displayed correctly in the preview (screenshot in attachment).
Please tell me what the problem was?

You probably need to hard refresh the page to force a reload of this element.
Ctrl + Shift + R to hard refresh.

This happens for a few elements in the skin, the dropdown in the Applications Panel on the left does the same ^^’ You can easily spot those elements when trying to swap colortheme between a light one (Iceberg, or your own) and a dark one (e.g., Darkly).

Have a good day!
Lucas C.

Good afternoon

I tried reloading the page Ctrl + Shift + R, tried clearing the cache and browser history.
The error remains.

I assume that a display error occurs when generating the page

When the background-color property is disabled in the #tmNotifications>button block, the element display becomes correct (Screenshot_21).

I couldn’t find an option in the color settings that affects this.

It seems this style rule comes from the NotificationDisplayerUIX.

3 solutions:

  • update the value of @navbar-default-bg which is used for this color as far as I can see (might not work with your use case) OR
  • Update the content of the NotificationDisplayerUIX stylesheet object on your instance (it’s a hidden document so hit x+x+x+h to see it when you search) OR
  • Use a more specific selector in your advanced LESS so that you can override the default one with your value, such as #tmNotifications > button.dropdown-toggle

Let me know if that works with you :slight_smile:


The first step fixed the problem - forced the value transparent

Thank you :pray:

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