Internal page link of confluence space are not migrated properly

I have parent page which contains the link of its child pages in Confluence.



I have linked both in different way,

After migration, my final out is like below



XWiki Source:

3rd link is right.
2nd link, text is missing and also url is incorrect.
am not sure of 1st link.

Is this an issue?

For the first link you need to indicate the base URL otherwise the parser cannot know if the URL is some external stuff or if it’s internal (it’s not indicated in the export package).

Second link look like a reference escaping bug. The best would be to create an issue on and attachment the smallest possible package which reproduce the issue.

Yes, i have included the base URL as an input in migration. But still it remains the same.

Also created and issue for second link,

Thanks !

Which base URL did not indicated ? Did you included an example of such URL in the package you provided in ?

Yes, i have updated it now in description.

Ok thanks. Will test all that as soon as I find some time.


Related bug has been closed, i have updated the extension version to 9.1.6, but still am facing the same error i was reported.

So after testing in a fresh instance of XWiki I can confirm I fixed the issues I notices (URL format not converted and . not escaped in the wiki link).

One link stills look broken because:

  • URL: the space name in the source URL does not match the actual space name, looks like there is some kind of alias in that package I did not noticed before (only encountered number ids and display name until now)

Indeed I found the space key in the package. Looks like I will need to create an index of the spaces in a first pass. Created


Seen that provided URL issue is fixed. I have upgraded the version to 9.2 and restarted.

And the imported the internal links issue package but still unfixed.


Is this anything i required to do further?

I would need to know what you have in the source for this one and what you expect in the end. It was not in the test package you gave. There is many things involved in the conversion of a link.


You can use the sample source which was provided with this issue,

Hope you see the same thing as referred in the screenshot.