Introduce 3 new base color variables in themes

Hi everyone,

I’d like to introduce new variables for base colors in our theme.
First one is a variable to have an highlight color: the idea is to have the same color to use in background of words for mentions, annotations, conflicts etc. By default I’d use a yellow or a light yellow. Note that I also need that for my work on Word-based notification application (same UC as for mentions basically).

The two other ones are related to the diff: right now colors for the line added / removed and characters added/removed are hardcoded (see current CSS for diff). The proposal would be to have two variables: one for diff added elements and one for diff removed elements.

Note that right now colors are not exactly same in diff for a line added and a character inserted, but we can just play with the opacity of a base color for this.

So to sum up the proposal is about adding 3 variables:

  • @highlight-color
  • @diff-added-color
  • @diff-removed-color


Would you also change the Flaming Theme App UI to add entries for these 3 new variables: ?

On the rest I’m +0 (I don’t know the topic enough to provide a good opinion).

Yes that’s the idea (I actually thought it was mandatory to expose it there too, I never really dig in that)

yes, I’d also think it’s the best practice. I don’t know if we have some theme variables not exposed in the UI.