Introduce a new Social category in Administration

Hi everyone,

lately we are introducing some new Social features in XWiki such as Mentions or Likes which will be available in XWiki 12.7.
For those features we need some Administration Sections and right now we are putting all of them in the “Other” category, see:
Capture d’écran_2020-08-14_10-55-39

I propose to introduce a new category in the Administration Menu, named “Social” and to move the following sections in it:

  • Notifications
  • Mentions
  • Likes
  • Message Stream

The idea is to have a dedicated place to administrate all of our social features.
I’m opening a vote for this until thursday 27th so it could be introduced in 12.7 final.
Here’s my +1.

+1, we could also put Message Stream in it I guess

Indeed it would completely make sense. Editing my proposal.







So this vote is now closed with 5 +1 and no other votes. I created for it. Thanks.