Introduction for GSoC2023

My name is Eslam, and I’m from Egypt. I’m currently studying computer and control systems engineering at the faculty of engineering. I’m excited to contribute to the “[Interactive Link Visualization]” project with XWiki.
Last year, I studied graph theory in college, and I have proficient experience in web development, specifically with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, and React.js. I believe that these skills, combined with my interest in the project, make me a strong candidate for contributing to XWiki.
To get started, I’ll be contributing to XWiki and familiarizing myself with the project. Please feel free to check out my GitHub portfolio at Eslam-Mohamed78 (Eslam Mohamed) · GitHub to see my previous work.
Thank you, and I’m looking forward to contributing to XWiki!

Hi Eslam. Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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