Invitation and Forgot Password

Hi Everyone,

I want to change the message template being used in Invitation and Forgot Password, where can I make those changes?
Also, it does not show the correct common name in the message template, where can I make changes to correct it?

Thank You for any help!!


For the invitation app, see Invitation Application ( (I’ve just added the screenshot and the mention that the mail template can be configured).

For Reset Password I’ve also added the missing doc at Authentication ( which leads to User Authentication (

Thank You. Invitation Application was configured successfully.
Will work on Forgot Password, and will get back to you.

Thank You

I configured the Forgot password, but when I click on the link, to reset the password, it gives me an error message. Screenshots is attached.


This seems to indicate that you’ve asked to reset several times and click on the link from an old reset email (ie not the last one).

I asked for this user Only Once to reset password, and this link is not from the Old Reset Email.
I tried this again for a different user, a new reset email, but still the same error message.
Can you please help me understand the reason for this error message?

Thank You