Invitation Application - Join a user to a group


Is it possible to invite a user to join the wiki and automatically add him to be a part of a chosen group?


Hi, I don’t know but if it’s not described in then it’s probably not there by default. Ofc everything is highly customizable in xwiki so there are always solutions but they may involve scripting or a bit of coding.

Hi @vmassol,

I’ve followed this guide, of course. Seems like it’s not possible out of the box. Can you give me a quick hint where should I start from if I want to try and script my way for this?

I don’t know how the invitation application works but it probably invites the user to register a user himself/herself. What you could do is implement an EventListener, and when a document with a XWikiUsers is created, you could add the user to some groups.


I’d recommend writing it in Java but it’s possible to do it with groovy and Wiki Components.

You could check existing listener code, for example any code in xwiki-platform that extends AbstractEventListener. See Code search results · GitHub

Hope it helps