Invitation link not working

A fresh install of xwiki (latest version 14.7) and enabled the invitation application Invitation Application (

The invitation emails arrive, but the link leads to the login page. It does not login.
Please check, thanks.

Absolutely the same behaviour for me. We need this function to invite people who are outside of our active directory.

Additionally, in my case, the subwiki is private, and I am afraid it breaks the workflow.
Registration is allowed for the unregistered users. We cannot make it public!

I have seen a video on youtube, it should redirect to the kind of registration form, but I am afraid it is placed BEHIND the login screen that’s why it gets stuck there.

@vmassol what are we doing wrong? Thank you!

Hello @Yuri . The Invitation app would require some love…

You should raise a jira issue. I’ve searched and couldn’t find this issue in the list of opened issues for the invitation feature at Loading...

@DarkJoney I guess you mean “not allowed”, since otherwise users can register themselves.

I don’t know the invitation app much unfortunately. What URL do you get in the invitation email?

Vincent, unfortunately, no. The access level is set to something like “only admin can invite”, but I tried with both denial and allowance for unregistered users - behavior is the same. There is the same question as I and Yuri has in the comments of invitation application.

My idea is the worflow gets broken due to this:

But we can’t expose this wiki, it has information for the customers.

The link behind the accept and join is

After you hit the accept invite, you are just redirected to the login page. If you type invite email and whatever password - “internal error” appears on the login page.

There is a video - XWiki - How to send an invitation to a user - YouTube
and it clearly shows that user gets redirected to the kind of form where he fill in the details.

I am planning to manually create users for now as an alternative,thankfully, there are not that much.

Should I raise Jira issue then?

@vmassol Vincent, any updates on this?

Is there any alternative/automation how to provision the large number of users in once?
I have a list of 115 people I wanted to invite.