Is it possible to define rights only on subpages?

We need to document an application and I’m thinking about a “master” page where its functionality is briefly described, perhaps with a custom layout. Then children pages will hold extended information about each functionality.

How do I allow other users to fully edit children pages, but deny them from touching the master / main page, which may have a complex layout? Do I have to explicitly set different rights each time a subpage is created?
I saw that I can define rights for the page & subpages, for the page only, I was looking for something like for subpages only.

Or maybe there’s a totally different and better approach?

You could give explicit Edit Rights to the main page (so only that person or a specific group can edit the main page)

Yep, saw that. I see I forgot to mention that I may have more than one application and more one user group, so that each group should be allowed to only edit one application related (sub) pages.

I.e. I could have:

  • application A
    • master page
    • subpage 1
    • subpage 2
    • subppage 3
  • application B
    • master page
    • subpage 1
    • subpage 2

Users in group AppAeditors should edit A.1, A.2, and A.3 subpages, but not A master page and none of B pages; AppBeditors should do the opposite: edit B.1 and B.2 but not B master and none of A pages.

Assuming that each application is a separate space, you could:

For “Application A”

  • Give explicit Edit Rights to a specific person on the master page (and thus removing the edit ability for everyone else)
  • Give “view only” rights for the “AppBeditors” on the “Application A” space

And for “Application B”

  • Give explicit Edit Rights to a specific person on the master page (could be the same person for application A)
  • Give “view only” rights for the “AppAeditors” on the “Application B” space

Both “App Editor” groups can create/edit pages in their own application, but they can only view the pages in the other application. And nobody can edit the “master page” (except for that one person who was given the edit rights of that page).