Is it possible to install xwiki on Apache + MySQL on Windows?

I don’t want to install other database, server and system just to try xwiki. I have Apache and MySQL on Windows(XAMPP) and would like to try out wiki without tinkering for hours with other servers and databases. I’ve already tried this vid:

And it didn’t work, there were some errors during installation and I deleted all things that had to do with that vid. I understand that I could tinker with it for next 8 hours and it would just might start working but I’d prefer to just use Apache + MySQL and minimum of other things that are needed.

Can I make it work without JRE, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL JDBC driver, Waffle and setting that up for 40 minutes just to get an error during installation? Why can’t it be as easy as installing WordPress:
• Create database
• Drop xwiki folder on the server
• Open it in a browser
• Let wizard install and set up everything

Hi, you have several options to install XWiki, see:

The video you gave is something not official. I don’t even know if it works or not. What I know is that is working.

Now the title of your thread is a bit strange since XWiki doesn’t run on Apache. XWiki is a webapp and thus runs in a Servlet Container, please see

So if you want to do the manual install (the hardest but still quite easy) of XWiki then you just need to follow the instructions at

XWiki is a Java application. It requires a JVM. And it’s a webapp and thus requires a Servlet Container too. And a DB. Again, see

Note that you can have XWiki running in even less time than wordpress if you use XWiki Cloud, see :wink:

The second easy alternative is probably Docker but I don’t use Windows so I don’t know how well Docker runs on Windows. In any case it would only be a few minutes to test this: install Docker, then 2 command lines and you’re good.

BTW installing Tomcat on windows is a nobrainer too. Just need to unzip a zip and you’re good. And installing Java is also easy, just needs to run an executable.

That vid is listed under the installation methods:

Also note that wordpress is using PHP so to install wordpress you also need a DB + PHP installed + Apache, i.e. 3 components.

XWiki also requires 3 components: DB + Tomcat + JVM.

So it looks like the same level of complexity, doesn’t it?

Sure, but if you read what is written there, you’ll see:

This section is about other, non-official ways of installing XWiki that have been contributed by the community.

Which matches what I mentioned, i.e. “The video you gave is something not official. I don’t even know if it works or not.”.

BTW what’s your point? :slight_smile:

Yeah, I guess.
Thanks for help, I’ll go through your posts and read more.

And it didn’t work, there were some errors during installation…

You did not say how it didn’t work. It worked just fine in the video (watch the video, and you see that it “worked!”). Without specifics of what “some errors during installation” means, it is not really possible to help.

Of course, the video demonstrates PostgreSQL as the database (which I recommend, because it natively supports SSPI - Windows authentication), so if you don’t use that database, you will have to set up using appropriate steps for your database.