Is it possible to install XWiki Standard Flavor without or skipping the wizard?


I tried to install XWiki with at least the standard flavor for that the user have to install nothing at the start.

That implicated skip the wizard and something in the application that installs the standard flavor on the background or something similar.

is it possible?



This is not very clear. If you install it, then you only need to do that once and the other users won’t have the Distribution Wizard.

Why would you want to skip the wizard, I don’t understand. If you do then you won’t have any flavor installed!

Maybe could you rephrase your questions a bit. Right now I don’t fully understand what you mean to achieve.



I tried to install XWiki, as a template (on OpenShift, the application ready to work), for what the users have to install nothing and they can use XWiki with at least with the standard flavor yet installed and maybe the OpenId plugin too. But I don’t want to use the wizard when the application starts, I want to have it preinstalled or with silent installation, it will be invisible for the user.

How do you make a template on OpenShift? What XWiki distribution do you need to use for that?

I’m using the standard Flavor 12.4 and an .yaml for the template.

Then I don’t understand your problem since you already have the standard flavor installed in your template.

you ask me what I need, I don’t have this flavor in the .war, because you need to install through the wizard to have the standard flavor installed on the application if you skip the wizard you don’t have the flavor in the application, so you need to install manually from the extension option inside the app and install it.

I ask again, if exist some way to install the standard flavor that you have in the wizard but without the wizard, silent installation or background installation for the user, I think it is a simple question.

I know that I can skip the wizard, but if I skip the wizard I don’t have the standard flavor installed, and I have an empty wiki.

Maybe could help you too.


This XIP package, it’s if your Distribution Wizard doesn’t find a flavor to install. I have the Standart Flavor and the DEMO flavor in the wizard.

But I don’t want the wizard.

When the user runs the pod on Openshift, I wish to have the flavor installed before when I deploy the docker on Openshift.

is it possible to preinstall the flavor when I am deploying the install XWiki?

For example,

In my docker I have the installation of the war. Do you think that it’s possible to install the files necessary to run directly the Flavor when the pod is ready without the interaction of the user to install with wizard after?