Is it possible to make automatic transliteration in the url when creating a page in Russian?

Hello, we are using xwiki 12.10.6. We are in Russia, the default language in xwiki is Russian. When I create a new page with a name in Russian for example - Тестовый раздел 2, it has a url that contains Russian characters and when I copy this url I get a link in the form -Тестовый%20раздел%202/.

Please clarify if this behavior can be changed so that when creating a page in Russian url did this page contain only english characters?

Hi Aleks,

it can be changed indeed by enabling the Character Replacement Name strategy (see:, which can be found in Administration > Editing > Name strategies.

Note that right now you’d have to specify manually the character replacement strategy you’d want from cyrillic characters, we don’t have an automatic scheme yet. You can follow the issue for having such scheme in the future here: Loading...

Hello, after changing these settings, everything worked as it should. Thank you.