Is it possible to protect some Objects in a page but not others?


Following on from this thread. Does anyone know if it’s possible to protect an object on a page but not others? By protect, I mean limit rights based on a group or just to administrators.

If this turns out not to be possible, I’d like to suggest it would be very useful in environments that are security paranoid! @evalica, would this fit in with your Rights Improvements discussion?


Currently it’s not possible to have rights for Objects. This would be interesting, but since it’s more of a new feature, it doesn’t really fit into the Rights improvements discussion, which covers mostly the existing rights.

I guess you can do it by creating a new custom right. Not sure how complex that would be from a technical point of view.

It depends what is your need. For view there is indeed not much you can do.

To make sure nobody directly modify some object which if supposed to be updated by a specific code the current strategy is usually to have a listener cancelling any modification to this document object unless the ExecutionContext (or some other way) contain a property indicating that the change come form an “authorized” code (which set this property before saving the document).

OK thanks, I’ve added this cancellation to an event listener