Is there a timeline macro / plugin or similar?

Not really with a complete idea of what I’ll need to see, but just wondering whether there’s any extension that would allow rendering a series of events - actually I’m thinking about showing a project meaningful events in a compact and graphical way, beside having the details in ordinary paragraphs.

I found but it talks about spaces within its Usage, is it up to date with the recent XWiki versions? Instead, searchings for events brings up results that look more like being programming-related.

Maybe the calendar extension? (

You could also use the chartjs macro (e.g. Time Scale | Chart.js).

This extension is oldish and not supported by anyone AFAIK so it may or may not work anymore (to be tested).

I need to find time to try it, thanks, but if the usual calendar / agenda view (shown in the description) is the only supported visualization format, that’s not what I’m looking for.

Nice, though a tad too much… chartish maybe?

Ah, fine thanks.

Hmmm I was thinking more about a visualization like those here (just a random search result):

And speaking of addons, I saw that XWiki frontend contains jQuery and Bootstrap: should I prefer a jQuery plugin, a Bootstrap plugin or any library could fit (consider that I have little to no experience with both frameworks)?

If anyone is interested, I just did some quick attempts at integrating a couple of libraries by means of Javascript / CSS (Xwiki) objects. Here are a couple of screenshots - consider that I didn’t spend time adapting the CSS or Javascript to the surrounding XWiki content:

The Javascript framework visjs (see: contains timeline routines.

Do you like/need this ?

It can be integrated within XWiki.