Is there a way to browse available attachments when inserting an image?

Investigating migration from old Mindtouch install to XWiki (currently testing 13.3)

When I want to insert an image that comes from an already-attached file, I get this:
Is there now way to browse available attachments? I don’t always know the exact name of the file I want to attach, and sometimes I know the file is attached to a different page, so only providing a search is limiting.

On Mindtouch I get an option to either search by name or browse hierarchically, which lets me navigate the entire wiki hierarchy if I so desire.

Is there anything like this available in Xwiki, or shall I fille a feature request in Jira?

Just click the paper clip icon :slight_smile:


Ah, excellent. I didn’t even realize that was a button, just thought it was indicating which of the three options I had chosen in the rightmost pulldown.

I’ll take it. :+1: