Is there any Auto-Translate-Function?

Hello Guys,

we were working for some years now on a documentation platform using xwiki.

There are already thousands of pages which would be a pain in the *** to
translate into english, if there is a need.

Is there any chance to implement a function which either triggers xwiki
or the browser to use third party services to auto translate the content into other

Best Case Scenerio is to have a “global change” so i dont have to implement
the “button/function” to every page.



I don’t have knowledge of an extension fitting exactly your needs.

Slightly unrelated, but it could be of interest, the development of a new extension to support deepl has been started recently by @caubin, you can find it here.

Note that this is kind of what Chrome proposes by default on any website which locale is different from your browser’s locale (and I’m sure there are addons for other browsers that exist), so maybe you don’t really need something on XWiki side.

Hi ,

the problem with that: It seems like we have some ancient clients who are not aware
of the today solutions (chrome) to the extent that they use the “original” Internet Explorer. yeah… i know!=(

So i am in need of a global solution, that fits most of the browsers or is implementable
into xwiki.

@mleduc i’ll check that out. thank you!

Cheers, T.

Note that we dropped internet explorer support on version 14.x. Time to warn your clients :wink: