Is there any specifications of parameters of chart macro

The chart macro page provides only vague explanations of the parameters of charts. Where can I found the complete list of it? 3x.

On the extension page?
Or even in the code :slight_smile:

Help would be most welcome to document this properly! :slight_smile:

There is a file seems contains all params of the macro:

But, as far as I tried, most of the params just not work at all, maybe I missed something…

It’s hard to believe that the parameters don’t work. Have you tried the example provided in the documentation? Which of them is not working? (since we might need to create an issue if something is broken)

Also, make sure you have the appropriate version, some params work just for versions 7.4.3+ or 8.0+.

Why is the Background Color parameter written as backgroundColor in the examples and background_color in code? Btw, I’m trying to change my chart orientation to horizontal without success. An example would be appreciated! Thanks

  • XWiki provides a chart macro (and uses backgroundColor for that).
  • Under the hood jfreechart is used and jfreechart uses background_color. As a user, you don’t need to care about this, it’s an internal implementation.