Is XWiki attending any conferences during 2020

Is XWiki SAS presenting at any conferences, meetups or symposiums in 2020? If so can you post the dates and locations?

Thanks in advance

Good idea with this thread. I’d make it more generic to everyone who’s going to speak about XWiki in 2020 (not just the XWiki SAS company)!

What I know:

  • FOSDEM 2020: A dev room is organized by Clement (xwiki committer) and several XWiki SAS employees will speak on different tracks.
  • I’ll be speaking at Brussels JUG on Feb 3, 2020


  • OW2Con 2020
  • Devoxx FR 2020
  • POSS 2020

Tbe completed

Hi! Cool idea with the thread. Thanks for opening it.

Some confirmed events where XWiki SAS will be present:

BTW we do have an calendar with events but we’re not using it much. I guess one idea would be to revive it and add all events related to XWiki in it:

I think the main issue in the past has been to keep the calendar updated.